The Ultimate Superhere child room with comics wallpaper - overview

Michael - The Ultimate Superhero





What I did

Interior Design, Styling, Project Coordination

Catwoman comics character lamp
Michael bed with Captain America pillows and spiderman poster
Child desk with wall hanged cabinets and batman figure


A couple of months ago we were asked to redesign Michaels room, which he use to share with his 18 months old brother Leon, the space was pretty uninspiring, lacking storage and character with only one source of light and the carpet had to stay.
The boy is an action figure fan who loves to play games, read books and have friends over for playdates. With his brother being transferred to a room of his own, our aim was to create a very special place for Michael, so he can express himself and have lots of fun.

The feeling

We have divided the room into different zones, depending on activity, there is a gaming area where he can also watch movies, there is plenty of storage for his books, toys and personal belongings are neatly hidden or even locked, so his little brother can't reach them. The area for homework is fun and well lit and finally the sleeping zone is much more restful than the rest of the room where he is surrounded by superheroes and the bed with a pull out trundle for sleepovers.